Seyi Law is celebrating 6 years Marriage Anniversary Today

Popular Comedian and actor, Seyi Law is celebrating the 6 years anniversary of his marriage to his beautiful wife. The funny comedian penned down a romantic message to celebrate his wife on instagram. He wrote

Wawuuuueeessstttt!!! It's been six years of God's awesomeness.
I took the decision to walk down the road of marriage with you, my love.
I waited to see you walk down the aisle to meet me.
You have done more than the I DO in agreement to marry me.
Everyday, a beautiful you is unveiled and our home is merrier.

God who knew my suffering and lack of Parental closeness as child built a home for me with you.
The world will wag their tongues and some will succumb to evil prayers, but with theirs will come to nought.
I am happy to be the one to celebrate you, my own number 1 celebrity.
Mummy Tiwaloluwa and the rest coming.
Beyond the moon my love remains and beneath the earth even in death my heart rejoiced it ever met you.
I love You, the rarest of all precious gems.
Happy Sixth Wedding Anniversary.

Everybody was happy Dino Melaye graduated because of his Stubborness - ABU VC

The Vice Chancellor of the Prestigious Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria Professor Ibrahim Garba has confirmed that the embattled senator representing the good people of Kogi West senatorial district, Dino Melaye graduated from ABU, Zaria with a BA in Geography in the Year 2000.

He made this known during the public hearing of the saga surrounding Dino Melaye's certificate by the Senate committee on ethics.
 “From records, Dino formerly known as Daniel Jonah Melaye graduated from ABU, BA Geography” - Prof. Ibrahim Garba
Prof. Ibrahim Garba at the Senate Hearing

It could be recalled that Senator Dino Melaye has been immersed in controversy surrounding his academic qualifications since online news channel, Sahara Reporters ran a story that he did not graduate from ABU.

The senate ordered a probe into the scandal on the 21st of march leading to the public hearing today.

Former classmates of the distinguished senator in a video said that there was so much celebration and jubilation when the Dino Melaye graduated as everyone was happy he graduated due to his stubbornness. Watch the video below.

We hope that this public hearing has answered the questions surrounding the Senator's qualifications so that he can focus on his legislative duties.

Death in the Desert: The Sad reality of Illegal Migration to Europe

A Facebook user, Mcthomas Precious shared a heart-wrenching story of the unsafe nature of the now popular Migration to Europe through the Sahara desert and Libya. Below is Mcthomas' message together with the pictures.

For those who don’t know the dangers of this route Please tell everyone it is 99.9% unsafe
.The more dangers you see, the worse dangers ahead.

What beats my imagination most is when some persons succeed, they see’s it as a normal thing and start giving a wrong advice but if the real person tries to give details about the dangers in the route, they start saying the GOD that see’s you through will also help them through.

Africans are dying always in Libya and the desert and sea is taking thousands of lives even the Libya prisons are occupied with Africans.

And our damn wicked and brainless leaders has refused to learn from the white man on how to protect the lives of it’s citizens.

All they need is just the name, power and money.

And when anyone tries to speak out for the helpless citizens, he automatically become the headlines of any broadcasting stations around the nation while they immediately start probing the innocent helper from the left and right. Aren’t you tired of unfaithful government?

Don’t you think it’s time we speak for each other if they can’t speak for us?

I’m your faithful brother and a friend
Mcthomas Precious

BBNaija: Tboss Cooks Chicken with Sugar

House mate in the ongoing Big brother Naija game show, Tboss stirred the hornet's nest in the house last night when she used sugar to cook chicken. A move that did not go down well with most of the housemates especially Efe who felt she should have consulted the other housemates before preparing her recipe. As many of the housemates might not be used to cooking chicken with sugar.

BBNaija Housemate, Tboss
Efe wanted to confront her on the issue but was calmed down by Bisola and the rest of the housemates. Tboss is born to a Nigerian Dad from Edo state and a Romanian mum and spent most of her adult life studying in Romania. She was obviously making one of the numerous baked chicken recipes that contains sugar which is not popular in Nigeria. Below is a google search results of chicken recipes made with sugar.
Chicken recipes with sugar

However, Tboss should have informed the housemates of her plans and get their approval.

BBNaija: I Fit Kill person for this house - Efe

The Favourite in the ongoing Big Brother Naija: See Gobe reality show, Efe in a conversation with fellow house mates after the house party yesterday, 25th march, 2017 said "As the game be so, if them give person gun there are some people person go just eliminate". He made the statement during his usual "drunk speech" as viewers refer to his Saturday night tirades after the party.
BBNaija Housemates, Efe and Tboss

The Social media have been on fire since he made the statement as some viewers have interpreted the statement to mean that he was referring to a fellow housemate, Tboss. It is no longer secret that Efe does not like Tboss that very much as he has always nominated her for eviction because he feels She is manipulative.

Big Brother Naija show is an adaptation of the Big Brother Africa reality show for Nigeria. It commenced in january with 14 housemates.  7 housemates have been evicted from the house. 4 more housemates are up for eviction tonight. Tboss, Bally, Bassey and Debie-Rise are all up fo eviction.

Chinese Exodus: Effect on Nigerian Football

Three Nigerian Super Eagles superstars have moved from their European club sides to the big spending Chinese super League. The trio of Captain John Mikel Obi, Strikers Odion Ighalo and Brown Ideye moved to the lowly rated, big money Chinese super league during the 2017 January transfer window. The question on everyone's lips is the effect of these move on these superstars and Nigerian Football.
mikel, ighalo and ideye moved to china this year

It is an age long-held belief that the best footballers ply their trade in Europe which is considered the pinnacle of world football where football of the highest standard is played. Every aspiring footballer dreams of playing in a European football league especially the English premier league, the Spanish La Liga and the german Bundesliga. Nigerian footballers are not left out. There are many Nigerian footballers playing for football clubs scattered around Europe waiting for the big break to play for one of the big global football clubs.

However, all that seems to be changing as the Chinese Super League is determined to attract the biggest names in the game to play in China. This they do by offering mouth watering pay packages to this players. Captain John Mikel Obi who played for the Chelsea football club of London signed a 3 years deal with China’s Tianjin TEDA.

Former Watford striker, Odion Ighalo who successfully netted 16 EPL goals in 37 matches, on January 31, completed his move to the CSL side, Changchua Yatai, for a whooping £20m.

Another Super Eagles player, Brown Ideye also joined john Mikel Obi at Tiajin TEDA after switching from Greek side, Olympiacos.

There have been concerns on the effect of these transfers on the game of these players with reports of the plans by the Tiajin TEDA coach, Jaime Pacheco to deploy Captain John Mikel Obi as a central defender.

It can be recalled that Mikel Obi came to limelight due to his amazing displays as a playmaker for the Nigerian under 21 side in 2005. He was however converted to a holding midfielder at Chelsea blunting his ball playing skills. If he's eventually converted to a defender, his game will be completely destroyed. And the effect on the Super eagles Team will be catastrophic.

The 2017 Budget Overview

This post is the first part of "The Fault in Nigeria's 2017 Budget" series. In this post, we will look at the entire 2017 budget at a glance. The 7.3 trillion naira budget was proposed based on the following benchmarks.
2017 Budget Benchmark (Credit:

The budget benchmark is highly optimistic. The price of crude oil is on the increase and is expected to remain  that way all through 2017 due to recent OPEC's resolution. However, the level of oil production is unlikely to remain at 2.2 million barrels/day largely due to the Niger delta militancy situation.

The inflation and GDP growth are way off the mark. Inflation as at december, 2016 was 18.6% and with recession biting hard, it is unlikely that inflation rate will reduce in 2017. Nigeria experienced negative GDP growth rate for 3 consecutive quarters in 2016. A GDP growth rate of 2.5 percent is highly optimistic.

Of the 7.3 trillion Naira proposed for 2017, about 2.24 trillion Naira representing 30.69 of the entire budget was earmaked for Capital expenditure while the rest goes into recurrent expenditure and debt servicing. The government expect to fund the budget from oil and non oil revenue as shown below
2017 Revenue Projection (credit:

From the Revenue projections above, the government expects a revenue of 4.94 trillion Naira in 2017 leaving a deficit of 2.36 trillion naira representing 32.34%. The government expects to finance this deficit from loans from both domestic and external sources.

2017 Borrowing Plan (credit:

The budget deficit (32.34%) is greater than the capital expenditure budget (30.69%). So, it wouldn't be wrong to say that the federal government is planning to borrow for capital expenditure in 2017.

So, there you have it. An overview of the proposed 2017 budget.