Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Helena Costa becomes the first woman to coach a professional men soccer Team

"What a Man can do, a woman can do even better". This popular statement is about to be put to the test in the lucrative and competitive world of men's football as Iran female team coach, Helena Costa has been appointed as the coach of French second division league team, Clermont Foot. Making her the first woman to achieve such feat. 

Portugal-native Helena Costa was hired by the French second division team to replace Regis Brouard. Clermont Foot believes ”this nomination should help Clermont enter into a new era,”.

The 36 years old Costa has previously coached the women’s national teams of Qatar and Iran, and also worked as a scout for Scottish giants, Celtic . Now, she will become the first female head coach of a Top 2 division team in Europe’s five major leagues when she takes over Clermont Foot next season.

One woman has been previously hired to coach a professional team but in a third-tier league. Carolina Morace coached the Italian team Viterbese in 1999, but quit after just two matches because of “constant media pressure,”.

Will Costa end the same way?  That's left to be seen. But she has received worldwide support from personalities in world football including slepp Blatter, Arsene Wenger. She also received positive support from the social media.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Chika Chukwumerije inspiring Love for Taekwondo in 172 Nigerian Kids

In line with with the "Inspire the Future Campaign" launched by his foundation, the Chika Chukwumerije Sports Foundation (CCSF), last year, three-time Olympian and Founder/Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, Chika Chukwumerije, inspired 172 taekwondo kids between the ages of 4 and 16 years in the art of the game in Lagos, last Weekend.

Parents and members of the public came to watch the martial art maestro inspire
the kids at the event which was held at the Abesan Comprehensive School, Abesan Estate, Ipaja, Lagos.

Included in the events were aerobic drills, plyometric exercises, co-ordination and agility training, basic taekwondo movements, and a mini kiddies' competition.

Special guest of honour and double All Africa Games gold medallist as well as the current Vice-President of the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation (NTF), Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Binga, was in attendance to witness the inspirational event.

CCSF boss, Chukwumerije, said after the event, "the spread of Taekwondo. nationwide is impressive, but there is a lot of work to be done in transferring the. right kind of knowledge to upcoming Taekwondo athletes across the country."

He commended the instructors for the "fantastic job they were doing at the grassroots level, and encouraged them to take advantage of the National Coaching course the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation, led by George Ashiru, would organise in a couple of months, to update their coaching methods"

Pope Francis Prays For Nigeria on Easter Sunday

While celebrating the Easter Sunday mass in Rome, POPE Francis prayed for an end to terrorist attacks in Nigeria, peace in Ukraine and Syria and and an end to the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Africa.

The Holy Father celebrated the Easter mass at an altar set up under a canopy on the steps of St Peter's Basilica in the presence of more than 150,000 faithful - Romans and pilgrims from around the globe who over-flowed the huge St. Peter's square, which was bedecked with row after row of potted daffodils, sprays of blue hyacinths and bunches of
white roses. The pilgrims waved flags from the Pope's native Argentina as well as Brazil, Mexico, Britain, Poland and many other countries.

Pope Francis while noting that this year the Catholic Church's celebration of Easter coincided with that of Orthodox Churches, which have many followers in Ukraine prayed for Ukraine in these words "We ask you to enlighten and inspire the initiatives that promote peace in Ukraine, so that all those involved, with the support of the international community, will make every effort to prevent violence."

Pope Francis also prayed that all sides in Syria will be moved to "boldly negotiate the peace long awaited and long overdue".

He also remembered those suffering in Africa from an epidemic of deadly Ebola in his prayers and urged a halt to "brutal terrorist attacks" in parts of Nigeria.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Path to the Easter Medallion

The Story was born more than 2000 years go in ancient Rome. The Story will go on to become history.  That story has become the most popular story on earth. Virtually everybody knows that story. The Story has been told over and over again across the globe, through the ages. The Glorious end of this epic story has become a global celebration for Christian christened Easter. 

In the spirit of the Easter celebration, we bring you that solemn epic story behind this celebration. The story will be told through the eyes of someone who witnessed the events 2 millenniums ago.  Enter THE MEDALLION

In a Series of 5 episodes, Chisom Martins Ojukwu tells the story of an almost-retired thief who embarks on a treasure hunt and finds more than he bargained for: A rather sorrowful path to a Medallion.

THE MEDALLION: EPISODE 1 tells us about Rufus who was born into a proud family of thieves now a bounty hunter and the mission he set out on. His instructions were simple
Stand at the rear in the company of pricks
Covered in a cloak as dark as burnt out wicks
Your task will come borne by a troll,
Penned in ink on a temple scroll.
To Read the Medallion Episode 1, Click here

THE MEDALLION: EPISODE 2 Rufus meets a friend, Simon of Cyrene amidst a crowd of people who demanded that a more dangerous criminal, Barabbas be released to them instead of the other tall, regal prisoner, Jesus who is called Christ. He receives the scroll bearing his task and it reads
The golden sun
Lies Beneath the king of rocks
In the place of skulls
THE MEDALLION: EPISODE 3 Rufus and his new companion Simon of Cyrene heads the direction the hint on the scroll pointed them to. To the place of skulls, a place called Golgotha on the outskirt of Capernaum. To get there, they had to pass through the praetorium where they witnessed the whipping of the condemned man Jesus.

To Read the Medallion Episode 3, Click here 

THE MEDALLION: EPISODE 4 Rufus’ companion, Simon of Cyrene is made to carry the cross of the Condemned man, Jesus because the soldiers feared the condemned man might not make it to Golgotha, his place of coronation. But, why Simon of Cyrene?

To Read the Medallion Episode 4, Click here 

THE MEDALLION: EPISODE 5 They got to Golgotha, the place of skull with simon carrying the condemned man’s cross and rufus trailing behind. The Soldiers nailed the condemned man to his cross. Now, Rufus and simon must figure out the other part of the clue
The golden sun
Lies Beneath the king of rocks

Monday, 14 April 2014

Abuja Bomb Blast: A Reminder of Nigeria's Precarious Security Situation

The Security situation in Nigeria has been played down by political commentators and the citizenry in general due to the lack of bombings and incidents in the federal capital, Abuja and other cities outside the troubled northeastern states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa which are under state of emergency since the middle 2013 in a bid to quell the Boko Haram insurgency.

News of Blasts and attacks in these north eastern states are always taken with a pinch of the salt by Nigerian especially those in the southern part of the country. But today's blast in a bus station at Nyanya, an outskirts of the federal capital city, Abuja is a reminder that until all part of Nigeria is safe, Nigerians everywhere are not safe.

Today's attack happened during the morning rush hour when people are in a hurry to board a bus or a taxi to their different places of work. Eye witness reports suggests that the bomb was planted in one of the BRT buses at the crowded bus station. So far, the casualty figures has been placed at around a dozen deaths and many more injured.

The Nigerian Military High command have been applauded recently for their positive offences against the Muslim insurgents in the north east. This blast is coming on the heels of an unsuccessful jailbreak attempt by the Boko Haram insurgents at the headquarters of the department of state security in Abuja last 2 weeks.

Nobody has taken responsibility for the attacks. But the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents have carried out attacks in the capital city of Abuja in 2011

This bomb blast is definitely a setback for president Goodluck Jonathan and the military's push against the insurgents. This blast, however, shatters the illusion that all is well with the security of the country.