Africa should believe more in Africans - Keshi

I just listened to a soccer podcast in which the Super Eagles Head coach Stephen Keshi lambasted the european coaches in Africa. Keshi argued that the foreign soccer coaches plying their trades in various african countries brings nothing special to the table to justify the huge salaries they collect monthly. He argued that african coaches should be given more chance to coach african national teams
Obviously Mr. Keshi has forgotten he is from Nigeria where made in Nigeria goods and services are termed "substandard". Nigerians rather sponsor the expensive foreign goods and services than the indigenous goods and services no matter how good the quality of d indigenous good is.

Mr Keshi argued that finding a black soccer coach in England and other european countries is almost impossible. So is finding an european wearing an african attire, eating african delicacy or watching african soccer leagues. But in Africa, the reverse is the case. European attire is fast replacing our tradition attires, european delicacies are the aspiration of young africans, europe's biggest leagues have become household name in african homes. Africa has obviously not gotten over the europian colonisation.

Mr Keshi raised a very important point about africa believeing more in africans. Not only in soccer and sport, but in virtually all aspect of our live. Are u thinking of paying that huge amount of money for a foreign designer shirt? Just remember that there're tailors in aba who can do a good job if not better than that designer. You can find time to go to a stadium and watch a beautiful game of soccer in the Nigerian Premier league. It might not be as glamour as the european leagues you see on tv, but it sure does have it thrills.

Believe in africa. Support african businesses. And Africa will sure become a better place for all of us.