Ba, the Drogba without drog

Chelsea's most recent acquisition, the senegalese international Demba Ba has hit the ground running by grabbing a brace on his debut in the F.A cup third round victory at southampton leaving pundits drawing comparison between him and the legendary chelsea striker, Didier Drogba.
Ba added a new dimension to this by confessing he derives his inspiration from Drogba. Ba, 27, started his career at Rouen and had largely unremarkable spells in Belgium and Germany before bursting to prominence - like Drogba - when he moved to England in 2011; two years later, he finds himself filling the Ivory Coast's striker's shoes.

"I've taken a lot of inspiration from Didier Drogba. Like me, he's had a career path strewn with obstacles, but he's got himself over them each time. Anyway, if you don't take risks in life, you get nowhere," Ba, who also bounced back from a failed medical at Stoke City to prove doctors and doubters wrong by scoring prolifically at West Ham United and Newcastle United, told Le Parisien newspaper.
"We're different players, but I have a lot of esteem for Didier. It's difficult to compare me to him given what he achieved at Chelsea. He's brought me a lot in my career, even if I'm aware of my own qualities."
That self-confidence did not stop the Senegalese international being slightly overawed on Friday when he took part in his first training session after the ink had barely dried on his freshly-signed three-and-a-half year contract.
"When you come into the training ground, you feel that you're coming into a special place. On Friday, I was one of the first into the dressing room. There, you see all these prestigious players coming in, and you say to yourself: 'I've arrived'."
He added: "They're great players, but they're still just men. I come here with a lot of respect for them, and I want to learn from them."
With his impressive start to life at Chelsea, in addition to the wonderful path his career has taken in recent months, it seems Ba is destined 2 succeed at chelsea. He took his season's tally to 15 in 26 appearances for club and country this season with that brace on his debut and clearly does not intend to stop there.
"I've taken a long road, not always easy, but that's helped me progress. When I sign somewhere, I never think too much about it: I know that I'll succeed. I take advantage of the qualities of my team-mates. It's easier at Chelsea given the quality of the players," he said, before sounding a warning to fellow striker, Fernando Torres.
"Each time I've arrived at a club, it's always been as back-up striker. And each time, through hard work, I've imposed myself."