Boring messi, Boring ballon d'or, Boring Football

Lionel messi won d ballon d'or for fourth consecutive time last night and the FIFPro XI was shared between fc barcelona and real madrid with the exception of Radamel Falcao who plays for Athletic Madrid.

Lionel Messi is an outstanding player, no doubt. La Liga is an outstanding league, no doubt. But La Liga is the only league in europe where a single player scores more than 50 goals in a season. The trend is becoming dangerous and uninteresting.

Am sure you don't wanna be able to predict who wins a league with ease on matchday 1, or who'll win d ballon d'or for the 5th consecutive time. Football in more interesting when it's unpredicatable and competitive.

The football authorities should look into these issues. How'll you say barca is d best team in la liga when their revenue from tv rights is 10 times more than that of celta vigo and other mid table spanish clubs. And you expect them to compete on the same level?

Congratulation to messi on his award. But I hope he doesn't win the next one for the sake of football.

Team #notmessi