Fighting Mali's War: What's In it for Nigeria

Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Alex Barde yesterday disclosed that the Nigerian Air force will today commence the deployment of Nigerian war planes to check the activities of Islamist fighters in Mali.

Ok, go on and fight but what's in it for Nigeria?

don't tell me that its simply to weaken Boko Haram (Libya provides a crucial link thanks to NATO). dont tell me its simply to help our brother nation (remember South Africa's ingratitude)

After fighting Mali's war, we have to station our troops permanently there, and influence their government. We need to sell made in Nigeria Innoson cars to them; they need to buy our Chivita and Dangote juice. our own glo telecom needs to be given government backed monopoly there.

We need to ensure that the powers of their central bank stops being domiciled in France, but intstead is domiciled in one of our banks

The loot of their leaders must not go to Swiss or French banks. They should send their loot to Zenith bank

we need to ensure that we send our own university graduates as expatriates to construct roads in Mali. Our intellectuals need to be given consultancy work in their development agencies

The kids of their top shots need to school in our universities while the parents should be directed to our own Calabar for their resort

Their top shots need to made to buy holiday homes in Nigeria. Their young girls need to fall over for our men and get impregnated sharp sharp (as some of our ghirls fall over for oyibo)

That's how World powers gain influence.

.....This is the way the West does it, and it is marvelous in my sight.


Hahahahahahahaha!!! 9ic 1!!! But me i nor fit reason dar galz oooh(those chacoal looking galz)!

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Western imperialism.. Naija remix

Hahahahaha.. There're beautiful girls everywhere.. Even in mali