The pains of love: I love her but she loves someone else

Out of all the 7 billion people in our world today, there's always this one person makes u smile. This one person as that brightens your life. This one person in whose presence, you are always happy. Someone that adds color to your black and white life. sometimes, this person feels the same way about us. everything feels perfect. life becomes a sweet dream.

But there are other times, when this person doesn't feel way towards us. when it turns out they channel such feelings we have towards them to someone else. when we become the miserable by-stander watching, wishing and hoping things turns out differently. At these times, we try killing this special feelings. But then comes an even bigger source of anger and frustration. You can't stop loving this person. you just cant help it.

This dilemma isn't something i wish on anybody alive cos it isn't a funny situation. You might be thinking... why not forget him/her and falling in love with someone else? Yea, that's a very valuable suggestion. But You can't create a new bond without first breaking the old one.

so the question is... How do you "UNLOVE" someone you love?