Lance Armstrong Confession: Virtue or Foolishness

When the news of Lance Armstrong's doping confession got to me, it took several minutes for it to sink in. Why will some one who had a glittering cyclist career give it all up. seven tour de france titles is something every cyclist dream of. Lance Armstrong was the man. He was like a role model for the sport.

'The end justifies the means' is a popular saying in this parts. Mr. Lance got his titles by any means necessary which included doping. He got away it. The end was justified but not for long. Now question will be asked about Mr. Armstrong's integrity. He has gone from Hero to Villain. He will be called names. The Armstrong brand will be a brand of shame.

Before we crucify him, let's ask ourselves this simple and honest question. "If You were Lance Armstrong, will u make this damning confession?". This confession that will end up taking away a reputation you built over the years. despite the fact that the reputation was not built by honest means. My best guess is No. I wouldn't make such confession myself.

Mr Lance's confession left me dumbfounded. His honesty and sincerity was both touching and intimidating. I must confess, I didn't know much about Mr. Armstrong until I saw this confession. But He has earned my respect with that breath taking honesty. There are very few people in our world today who are capable of such.

Click here to get a full transcript of Mr Armstrong's interview admitting to doping.

I hope we all can learn some valuable lesson from this. The end may justify the means for sometime. Yes. But still, nothing can stay hidden under the sun. And when your means becomes public, you'll find yourself somewhere that is the opposite of the END.

But Success achieved the right way, by honest means last forever.