Valentine tips for dating couples and singles

The month of February is fast approaching. And with it comes the awesome wind of love. Did I hear u ask how? You are definitely not from this planet if you don’t know that February is the Valentine month.
14th February every year is a day designated as Valentine’s Day. Though the history of this great day is still something of a mystery, it’s a day boys and girls, ladies and gents, men and women, monks and nuns  (lol) show love to each other.

In the exception of monks and nuns, we all want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone special. Though someone special can be anybody, the target audience for this post is those of us whose someone special is of the opposite sex. Oh!! Sorry, some of us are still hoping to find that special one? This post is for you as far as that special someone is of the opposite sex. To our gay brothers and sisters, No Hard feelings (winks)
If you are still reading, I believe you are a member of my target audience. Hence these following tips are for you.

Happiness is what everybody prays and wishes for. In some quarters, it is said that “life is a pursuit of happiness”. And relationships are no exception. So, our number 1 goal in relationships should be your happiness and that of your partner. Below are some tips that will help build a lasting relationship full of happiness and love.

  •  Be yourself: For me, this is the most important factor in building a happy relationship. For those of us still looking for that special someone, the moment you have to create a fake personality and try to be someone you are not just to win get that special someone. Just have it in mind that it is not going to last. Cos the moment he/she sees the real you, the special is just gonna die and he/she will become just someone. For those of us already in a working relationship, congratulation isn’t so out of place. But you’ve gotta remain real for your partner. You’ve gotta try as much as possible to be the man/lady she/he fell in love with. This will be easy to do if you have always been yourself right from the beginning. Else, sorry………………….

  • Get to know your date: I believe that by now, you already know what you want in your man/woman.  For the single ones, you might have spotted someone that fits. You might have even made contact. Well-done…. But to stand a real chance, you really need to know that guy/lady. I don’t mean you should go around stalking her or asking after her. You need to understand what she like, how she wanna be treated, how she wanna be talked to, her favorite meal, her favorite colours. Knowing all these without having to ask her is an added advantage cos it creates the impression that you really pay attention and that will definitely increase your chances. For the big boys/girls who are already in a relationship, don’t assume you know your partner well enough. His/her like can change over time, so u need to update yourself regularly.
  •  Share: I am sure you and that special someone are not from the same home or have the same likes or hobbies. But that notwithstanding, you need to find a platform to share. Share time, emotions, and beliefs. That platform can be over a cool dinner, in a cinema room or even in your rooms. That roasted plantain stand isn’t such a bad idea too. A nice evening stroll is my favorite. The more quality time you spend, the more you’ll understand yourselves. And the affection will grow even stronger.
  •  Freedom: That you are interested in someone or dating someone doesn’t make you their watchdog or their father. You don’t have the right to try and change someone’s life cos you are involved with them. She was living this same when life when you first met her. He/she needs his or her freedom, or else you might be branded a ‘PEST’ and m sure you don’t want that….
Go get that special someone, thank me later (grins). And don’t forget to tell me how it went (winks)