The Power of Speech

The power of speech can best be explained using an ibo adage where i come from; ibo that says "ahu ekwughi na egbu okenye, mana ekwu o anughi na egbu nwata" which loosely translates to "seeing and not talking kills an adult whereas turning deaf ears to what was said kills the chid". This adage best describe the power of spoken words as it relates to the two major classes of humans; adults and children.
We all must have experienced the power of speech. The right words can break a person’s heart, inspire a nation, lift a friend’s spirits, destroy a child’s self-esteem, propel a man to the White House, and bring a fresh smile to a tear-drenched face.

The power of speech is influenced greately by the power of listening and listening thrives only when a heart is open to the fact that there's something to learn from everybody. Life itself is a ultimate classroom.
This blog present a platform where we can talk, listen and learn from one another. A place where we can collectively and individually inspire our nation and bring smile to each other's face. A place where we'll become our own teachers and regain a paradise of sort.

So what're you waiting for? Start talking, start listening and start learning,