The Powerful and Beautiful little things of Nature

There is a saying in ibo land that says "elelie nwa ite, o gbanyu o oku". which loosely translates to "if u neglect the a small pot, it extinguish the fire". Such is the power of little things. There are many things in our life we consider little and negligible. but these little things do have large influences on our lives and our very existence.

Like pollination, that we take for granted. And you can't tell the story about pollinators; bees, bats, hummingbirds, butterflies without telling the story about the invention of flowers and how they co-evolved. The Story of flower is intertwined with the production of food. And we need food to survive. A research once said that the human race will become extinct 5 years after all the bees become extinct. Maybe we should review their status as little things.

There's a wide spectrum of things we consider inconsequential and take for granted. The fact that you are alive and kicking, the sun, the nice weather, the big blue sky. Things we cannot imagine life without them yet we seldom find time to appreciate them.

The company of people around you; family, friends, acquaintances even strangers. The different story and history embedded in each and every one of their faces gives us yet another reason to appreciate life. Including those whose characters are less than perfect, just as your character is less than perfect because everyday, every encounter brings us close to perfection. Their words and actions are the textbooks from which we learn the act of living.

We need to pause once in a while admire the beauty, mystery and grandeur of ordinary existence . Only then will we understand that today is the only day we were given today. Today is a gift and there's only one appropriate reaction; appreciation. -->