The sweet taste of Success

The world was in a jubilant mood when the neil armstrong and the men on d apollo 11 mission landed on the moon. But nobody remembers how many times man have tried to get to d moon without success.

Nobody remembers the other people that tried building a flying machine before the wright brothers. Nor does anyone remember how many times the wright tried.

All we remember is their achievements. Their remarkable success that became a defining moment in astronomy and aviation. Such is the sweet taste of success.

A friend of mine will always say "Success has many friends, but failure is a bastard". The joy of being successful are not always the same.

Imagine the joy of a lil boy who after toiling for days finally solves a very difficult maths problem. His joy can never be compared to the joy of a boy who had to cheat to pass an exam.

In as much as we all wanna be successful, we ought to achieve success the right way. So that our joy will be pure and complete.


Funny huh?? Even Yuri Gagarin and his crew has fade into oblivion, not to mention Laika d little Russian dog that in 1957 became d first animal to orbit d earth.. Such is life.. Once your record is broken,its forgotten..

Yes o! My brother... But no vex o! Who be yuri gagarin? And what did he do?

Yuri Gagarin was a Soviet pilot. He was
the first human to journey into outer