The wealth and poverty of a nation: Who will restore the dignity of Nigeria? By Oby Ezekwesili

Dr. Oby Ezekwesili delivered a thought provoking paper during the 46th convocation of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka titled "The wealth and poverty of a nation: Who will restore the dignity of Nigeria?".

This paper gave a thorough and indept analysis of the nigerian socio-economic problem over years. The former minister under the president Obasanjo's regime who graduated from University of Nigeria, Nsukka some 28 years ago did not mince word in analysing this failed state called 'Nigeria'.

53 years after independent, Nigeria is still in toddler compared to other countries that was in her league 50 years ago. Nigeria have been left behind.

Here is a paragraph from her speech. "That Nigeria is a paradox of the kind of wealth that breeds penury is as widely known as the fact that the world considers us a poster nation for poor governance wealth from natural resources. The trend of Nigeria's population in poverty since 1980 to 2010 for example suggests that the more we earned from oil, the larger the population of poor citizens : 17.1 million 1980, 34.5million in 1985, 39.2million in 1992, 67.1million in 1996, 68.7million in 2004 and 112.47 million in 2010! This sadly means that you are children of a nation blessed with abundance of ironies."

I cannot begin to enumerate this great speech from one of nigeria's most prominent daughters. I recommend you read the speech. All of it if you are patience enough or part of it at least.

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