Why do Parents send their kids to boarding school?

I saw this post on nairaland and i just thought i should share it here.

"Boarding Schools used to be an opportunity for children to be independent, well trained and disciplined, well, that was back in the 90's.

Parents need to realise that boarding schools here in Nigeria are not what they used to be. Innocent Children are exposed to harsh conditions which they have to adapt to, sometimes costing them their Values.

 A Close friend just revealed to me how his first intimate experience was with a Male Senior in his Boarding school. Its was a really sad story.

Another asked me why I don't drink, and I said "I don't know".
He said he started drinking in Jss2 while in boarding school.
He's from a good Family.

A third(Female presently in SS1) was smoking and drinking at this xmas party, and I was disturbed by her age. She then revealed to me that she was in boarding school, where she learnt stuffs.

Let me not even talk of how disorganised, uncordinated and lost my kid brother was back at Ijanikin. Thank God he didn't pick those afformentioned vices and was pulled out on time. He's a Fantastic Engineering student now.
His problems stopped immediated he left.

There is something terribly wrong with boarding schools in Nigeria, especially Public schools. Homosexuality is a near lifestyle in same-sex schools, and its not any better with mixed schools where Students are taught to drink, smoke, steal and do all sorts of lewd acts to get going.

Scaling of Fence is fun, at least you get to spend the night out.
Kids are abused, bullied and what not.
Innocent Children are exposed to riff-raffs who rob them of all their morals.
Leaving your child at the mercy of strangers, both students and teachers is unjustifiable.

Whatever can be learnt at school, can be learnt better at home with the aid, love, care, protection of Parents.

Parents no matter how busy they claim to be, will still have some few moments with the Kids everyday.
Much more on weekends.

Someone pls tell me I'm wrong and overreacting which I'm sure I'm not."


Of course ur right, but we still have some decent boarding skulz around.. And is important we dont 4get that.. I 4 one attended one of those decent ones,duo i faced some bizzare challenges,i can proudly hit my chest and attribute d man i am today to d challenges i was able to conquer in dat boardin skul.. And their are many more ppl lyk me..

That ur school is probably a private school?

There are still good schools no doubt... But there are very few of them

lol.. Yhu bet it is.. Its actually a mission skul..