Why is nobody applying for JAMB UTME computer based test?

It's no longer news that there are three options in this year's JAMB UTME exams;
  • Computer based test where both questions and answers would be done on computer.
  • pencil and paper test where both questions and answers would be done on paper
  • Dibu based test where questions would be presented on computers and answers would be on paper
In the Computer based test (CBT), the students gets his or her result as soon as possible. But obviously, students prefer delay in the results. cos that seems to be the only explanation why students aren't registering for the CBT. Here are the reasons while CBT isn't so popular amongst students.

  •   Majority of the students are not computer literates. and most of the literate ones have not experienced a CBT before except for those who were unsuccessful in UNIPORT's postume . So they don't wanna take the risk.
  • The date for the CBT is different from that of the Pencil and Paper test. Most of the students are hoping they will benefit from information and hints from the CBT which is weeks before the Pencil and Paper test.
  • Students have been wondering if there is a way of smuggling "mgbo" into the CBT halls. But that seems impossible. So the students will be hoping to benefit from the usual JAMB runs and "mgbo" which they'll certainly miss if they chose the CBT
CBT is a very innovative idea but it will always be a second choice for Nigerian students for now.