You think You are smart?

A simple puzzle for you.. How will you achieve the picture above?

Leave a comment... Let's see how smart you are..


cut in the center taking the bottom off and put the eggs in then slide the top over one of the ribs so it looks put back together...

Method 1: Set a piece of paper on fire and drop it into the bottle. Set the egg on top of the bottle (small side pointed downward). When the flame goes out, the egg will get pushed into the bottle.
Method 2: Set the egg on the bottle. Run the bottle under very hot tap water. Warmed air will escape around the egg. Set the bottle on the counter. As it cools, the egg will be pushed into the bottle.
Method 3: Set the egg on the bottle. Immerse the bottle in a very cold liquid. I have heard of this being done using liquid nitrogen, but that sounds dangerous (could shatter the glass). I recommend trying ice water. The egg is pushed in as the air inside the bottle is chilled.

that can work.. but the can doesnt look like it was cut

wow... you've got some amazing new ideas here.. method 1 and 2 can work, but method 3? i'm not sure about that.. maybe i should try it out