If giving is biblical, then knowing the source of gift should be biblical- T.B Joshua

Giving is a biblical virtue. In fact there are more than 27 verses in the bible encouraging us to give and the merits of giving. the churches and religious houses exploit these biblical citations to the fullest. Extracting as many coins as possible from the congregation. But what if the coins are from illegal sources?

This question was raised today by prophet T.B Joshua of the synagogue church of all nation (SCOAN) when he was coming down on a member of the congregation who was involved in some illegal activities. Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of T.B Joshua or his Synagogue Church of all nation but the good Prophet stands out when compared to other men of God in his class.

For starters, the man's grammar (gbagauns) is unique. Something you cant find in other first class men of God. His humanitarian works and philanthropy is well documented. And he isn't interested in the jet frenzy that is threaten to devour the various shepherds of God's lambs. For these reasons, Prophet T.B Joshua won the admiration of numerous Nigerians including me.

On Sunday, 17th feb.,2013, When he made this most logical question about giving and the source of gift on emmanuel tv that i was obligated to watch cos my dad and mum were watching the channel which have become their favourite channel. I am sure they'll still be watching it even as I type this post. With that statement, he won a bit of my heart.

Not many men of God will make that statement. A statement that has the potential of denying them of their next ultra modern super sonic jet (lol). Cos am sure an average Nigerian that has no connection with this corrupt government of ours can give a jet to his man of God. Just saying sha

Let's not deviate from the issue at hand. This question throws up a moral question for all of us. Is it right to accept gifts even when we know the source of the gift is illegal?

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