Mr Valentine Challenge

To celebrate the Valentine's day, there was a Mr valentine challenge on Nairaland. Where contestants composed some lovely words and poem for someone special and the contestants didnt disappoint. Here is my personal favourite from the round 2 of the challenge. Written by one  foxy_Rebirth and dedicated to one cute bliss.

Don’t let me die under the rain
Don’t let my fall be their gain
I cry each night covered in pain
My sobs vanishing in vain
Now I watch like vagabond Cain
As the world me now disdain
Casted with the mark of the slain
To forever watch without brain

I searched for love under the stars
I looked through the red soil of mars
I swam the dry ocean of the moon
Hoping to find her soon
My anguish of lonely painless night
Gripping my brave heart in fright
Now I stand on the rooftop
Waiting for your love to pop

She appeared like the autumn leaves
Enchanting aura round her doth cleave
I watched my love sail the sky once more
Like shiny dust casted from iron ore
To settle round about my calm self
Pride busting like a Hot elf
I dwell among the living anew
For hope now lies within my view

Wish a wish of wishful thoughts
Claded with danshiki from the north
I found love in her presence
Forever to bask in her essence
Cute Bliss I feel is her name
Watching her smile is my game
I found love lying in the distance
Happily ever after is our stance

Let’s set sail in the river of destiny
Rowing against the wind adversity
Let’s dance in the moonlight shade
Our shadows a path to accolade
For love has found its abode
In our heart a grip doth hold
Together forever as a lone pal
Just say yes and be my VAL

Lovely, isnt it? Miss "Cute bliss" must be very proud

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