The Exaggerated Globalization

Globalization have become the language of the 21st century. The world is often referred to as a global village. But the question is "how globalized are we really are in real terms?" The technologies that keep evolving by the day give the misconception that the world is really a globalized village.

But this is actually an exaggeration.
The world today is still far from meeting the "globalized village" caption. According to a book by Harvard university's professor Pankaj Ghemawat's titled "Actually, the world isn't flat", the professor of economics tried separating the facts from the figures. He suggested some very practical examples from which we can draw our own little inferences.

  • Phone calls: when the concept of globalization comes up, the 1st thing everybody points to is the telephony and gsm technologies. How we can call anybody in any part of the world. But here is the question i want you to ask yourself; Out of all the calls you've ever made, what percentage of them were cross border phone calls? My guess is less than 5%
  •  Immigrants: we always hear stories about people immigrating from their countries to another. Traveling to other countries for different reason. At least, there are no less that 100 cross border flights everyday. Not to talk of traveling by sea or road or the numerous illegal immigrants that always devise new way of evading immigration officers. How many percent of the world population do think are immigrants? They are actually not up to 3%
  • Social Networks: A lot of people will ask "what of facebook and other numerous social  networks?" where you can avtually be friends with anybody from around the globe. Maybe you should take some time and go through your friend list and see how many of them are from countries other than the one you are from or reside. I'm sure they are not up to 5%.
From this three instances, you have seen just how globalized the world really is. We still have a long way to go to achieve that "global village title". The technologies are really playing a major role in the globalization race. But there's an even more important step. The most important step of all is that we all need to concentrate on our similarities rather than our differences. And achieve true Global Unity.

When john Lennon sang imagine. i wonder what he was thinking. Imagine there's no countries. I dare you to imagine that.