What if Chickens conquer the world?

What if chickens should conquer the world just the way robots tried conquering the world in the movie I robot? This crazy questioned popped up in my head while I was having dinner of semovita and okro soup with chicken of course. One of the numerous times I find chicken as an integral part of my meal. And am sure am not alone in this.

Chicken is the most widely consumed meat in the world beating beef to 2nd place. This is due to its delicious taste, different delicacies which can go with it and the fact that there’s no cultural restrain on the consumption of chicken in any part of the world. Our love affair with chickens is strong and long. Human beings have been eating chickens for more than 10 thousand years ago.  

Due to the demand for chicken, the production of chicken has gone more than just agriculture. Chickens are now produced biologically. Altering genes and DNA to get bigger chickens in a short time. Imagine creating a big fat chicken only to butcher it when it’s beginning to “enjoy” life. Such cruelty!!!! That’s exactly man’s relationship to chickens. I am still waiting for the day I’ll see someone whose pet is a chicken. And I don’t mean the mentally challenged people that play with chicken.

Having endured this kind of cruelty for more than 10 millennium, How do you think the chickens will treat us if they happen to acquire the “animal farm” sort of intelligence and conquer our world?

 The chickens don dey vex.. how many you chop for xmas? They are coming for YOU.

Do have a nice weekend. **** smiles*****

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U will go down 1st cos u sabi chop chicken