And so she died: A new life begins for me

i know i must get to this point but i never imagine it will come this soon nor did it ever occurred to me it will be this painful. For the past weeks, she have never been herself. from one ailment to the other. she was never able to do the things she did normally. the beautiful things that made me happy. we have made numerous trips to find a remedy for her unending ailments. i have never imagined living without her and that was not an option.

she was the most beautiful thing that happened to me these past 12 months. She was white and beautiful, smooth and well rounded. she had the best curves i have ever seen. she was a beauty to behold and she was the perfect thing to hold on to. My hands felt perfect around her. she was a gateway to my heart, my life. i spend more than 18 hrs of everyday with her either wholly or sharing it with the other numerous activities i must engage in such as my lecture. We were in love.

She was jovial and accepted all my friends, brought them closer hence they loved her too. it wasn't surprising how bad it hurt them seeing her suffer. they tried all they can to help her. to bring back to her usual beautiful, flamboyant and jovial self. They escorted us to our numerous trips to the hospital. sometimes they went alone with her when i am busy and indisposed.

She showed signs of recovering sometimes only to come down with an even stronger ailment. i started thinking 'is this the end of us?' but i will rebuke myself at such times and remind myself never to give up. not when there is still an atom of hope be it a dieing ember. it can always be ignited into a strong fire. with that resolve we fought on.

And on that fateful day, our last trip to the hospital. we were in high hopes. cos this hospital was highly recommended and the doctor's reputation proceeds him. when he laid his hands on her and smiled, my heart leaped with joy and i thought "finally we are at the last bus stop". the doctor said something about a faulty essential organ. I wasn't interested in his medical jargon cos i have heard more than enough of those jargon since she took ill. as far as he can get her back to her old self. that's all i care about. the doctor said she needed a surgery. I hope this is gonna be the last one i prayed. she have had more surgery than she can take this past week. everybody was opening her up and closing her up at will. and that pissed me off. but i cant deny her a chance to life.
So she went in to be opened up yet again. my heart was beating fast, i prayed she makes it out of there hale and hearty. the doctor's charge was quite expensive, but i didn't mind. And after sometime, the doctor came out shaking his head. I ran to him, and he said those killer words "i am sorry". my heart stopped beating. i felt like killing him. He said something about the infection eating up a huge chunk of her central nervous system. her nervous system was dead and so was she.

I can't begin to describe the pain that news caused me. it broke my heart. i was beginning to regret all the time, energy and money i wasted just trying to save her until the doctors voice interrupted my thoughts. He told me that though she was dead, most of her organs were still alive and could be sold to recoup some of the money spent in the fight for her life. i objected at first, then i listened to the voice of reason "after all she's dead, the living must live on. her organs could save someone else's life'.

i know you must see me as wicked and heartless. but don't judge me until you finish this story. she was declared dead on the 12th of February, 2013. two days before valentine. If only she held on till valentine's day. if only i could have called her my val just one last time. She's yet to be buried though, as the doctors have not been able to find a buyer for the organs.

I still mourn her till today. but just like the saying goes "when one door closes, another opens". her death ushered me into another interesting romantic relationship which i will tell you about in the part 2 of this story

N.B: Before you start placing heavy curses on me with the ojuju in your village,

 she was my phone. My blackberry bold 9700.
 her sickness was well i don't know, but it was bricked 
 the doctors were the phone technicians
 and the hospital was their workshops
 her organs i sold were the useful parts of the phone
 hope you now get the story .... lol....

I got you there right? i hope this revelation wont discourage your from checking this blog for the part 2 of the story. **winks**

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Nice one, you got me there. Waiting for part 2.

That's real good. I like the suspense...

Nyc one,grt suspense..... I can't wait 4 part 2

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