Painful near miss

"The results are out" my classmate and friend said. We ran off to check the said results with great optimism. We fought through the huge crowd trying to check their own result on this giant notice board in the faculty building.

The air was saturated with diverse reactions; people placing course on the lecturer for failing them,those shouting for joy and thanking God for a wonderful result. Another set of people murmur and hiss.
On getting to the notice board,I saw my results after searching for such a long time. I had a B grade with a score of 60 which is the least possible score in that grade class. My joy knew no bounds and I wondered, "just 1 Mark less, I would have been somewhere worse.

I sought out my friend to find out how his own result was. And there he was murmuring and hissing. Had he failed the course? I wondered. I feared the worst. When he saw me a "mean" smile escaped his lips. "another near miss" he said. I smiled knowing the worst is over. He had a B grade too but with a score of 69. The highest possible score in that grade class. 1 extra Mark he would have been in the the A class.
I felt his pain and I understood him. We've had a lot of that kind of near miss and it's damn so painful.
I decided to write on this when I tried imagining the pain and frustration arsenal and inter Milan passed through within the week.

Both teams we're starring elimination from the champions league and Europa league in the face respectively. They stood no chance whatsoever with a 3-1 and 3-0 aggregate respectively against them in the first leg.
These teams refused to give up and fought the battle of their lives. Arsenal defeated Bayern Munich in the 2nd leg in allianz arena by 2 goals to nothing to bring the aggregate to 3-3 and lost out on away goal.
The story was almost the same for inter Milan. Defeating Tottenham by 4 goals to 1 to bring the tie to a 4-4 aggregate. That not withstanding, they lost out on away goal.

This is an amazing story of 2nd chance but nearly is never enough to kill a bird.