Death: Who saw it coming?

He left his house just like every other catholic to participate in the munde Thursday celebrations; the first day of the solemn Easter triduim. Never did he know that it was gonna be his last day in church, the last day he will see his home, his parents and siblings. Never did he know it was gonna be his last day on planet earth.

Stanley was a pious catholic. He wasn't one of those people that goes to church just for the sake of going. he was a very active member of the st. Anthony of Padua parish, Nkpor in Onitsha metropolis. Every body knew him.

On this fateful day he left for church with the same zeal of serving God with his might and his youth. He was helping control traffic on the ever busy limca road. Helping the congregation cross the road safely and get to the church without harm. What he didn't know was that he will die trying to save others.

Limca road is the one of the busiest roads in Onitsha metropolis with a lot of schools, malls, churches, hospital and residential quarters littered all over. It is a single carriage with no single zebra crossing. Hence crossing the road becomes a very difficult job. Schools and Churches along this road usually employ people to help school children and church congregation cross the road.

This was the job poor Stanley devoted himself to do for the glory of God. And it cost him his life. While trying to place a tyre in the center of the road to caution the stubborn bus drivers, he was hit by and on rushing bus.

He lay there in the middle of the road as people rushed to help him. While the driver sped off for fear of what the crowd may have in stock for him. People ran after him on motorcycles and caught up with him after a few kilometers. Only God knows what will become of him. Stanley was rushed to the hospital. He died minutes later.

Who saw this coming? Certainly Nobody did.
May his soul rest in peace. Amen