finding love online in this facebook age

millions of people go online to find true love. To find that one special person that causes that feeling they so love to experience. an emotional feeling somewhere in between that stomach and the brain. we are all guilty of flirting at one time or the other on the various social networks; facebook, twitter, google+, instagram, 2go not to talk of the numerous legal and illegal matchmaking and dating sites.

my last two relationships were actually ignited on social network as am sure is the case with most of us. love is exhiliarating, confusing and usually totally addictive. one of the strongest emotions we will ever experience in our life. over the years the way we experience love have been changing faster and the advent of technology is making this changes even faster.

in the early 18th and 19th century, finding love was always in the form of betrothal. a kind of ancient match making in which the parents are actually the match makers. with the advent of technology, people started moving away from parents and the nuclear family became the only surviving form of family hence, the death of the traditional betrothal except in places like africa where the extended family system is still very much alive.

while betrothal was on the decrease, the commercial match makers was on the rise, an honest attempt to match couples on the match makers perceived compatibility of the couple. this grew into online match making and dating site in this facebook age. when the easiest thing to do after waking up in the morning is updating your facebook status, replying an email, sending a text message.

this influenced people's way of meeting people and falling love. making it possible to meeting and falling in love with people thousands of miles away from you while limiting your knowledge to some profiled information on the net, a few pictures, online chats and phone calls.

success have been recorded in the search of true love online but these successes are a minority when compared to the failures. online love takes away the primary part of our relationship with human beings which no computer algorithm can reproduce. we tend to portray ourselves in a very attractive light online. an image of perfection is created in the mind of our online date. things fall apart when these perfections are not reproduced on the ground.

online love  might yet get better, who knows? maybe a new technology that will be able to measure the compatibility of two persons better. but till then, while online love remains the easiest option, we all should be careful not to paint an exaggerated image of ourselves online. though it might prove successfully but certainly not permanent.