Firstmonie: your phone becomes your wallet

First Monie is the hottest thing in mobile banking in nigeria. First Monie is an e-banking product that is set to change the face of banking in the country using the channel of mobile phone, a product that everyone can use as far as you own a cell phone. Not necessarily a sophisticated cell phone. Any cell phone at all starting from nokia 3310 and their likes.

you can send and receive money, buy airtime and pay bills using first monie via a simple dail on your mobile phone

To use Firstmonie, first you have to register by dialing *894# from your mobile phone. You can also register online here or go to any Firstmonie agent.

Once you have registered, you will be prompted to activate your five digit PIN. Then you fund your Firstmonie account and start transacting.
You can fund your account:
  1. At any Firstmonie agent (find the nearest Firstmonie agent here).
  2. At any FirstBank ATM machine
  3. Directly from your FirstBank account  using your mobile phone
After you have funded your Firstmonie account, you can send money to any mobile phone or bank account in Nigeria. The person you are sending money to does not have to have a Firstmonie account, but they will need to register to retrieve their funds.
You can also use your Firstmonie account to pay cable bills (DSTV, Startimes etc) or utility bills and buy airtime for any GSM network.
You can also check your account balance, view transaction details, change account details or your PIN if you need to.
 If you are currently unemployed, you can earn some money from being a first monie agent. just dail *894# on your phone.