International aids: the disease killing africa

The African continent has always been painted in d international community as a poverty striken people, with a nonfunctional health care situation, fighting senseless wars and dying of AIDS. A continent that cannot do anything by itself. A continent that cannot do anything without international aid. This, the Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Adichie will call "the Single Story"
Single story tells just a particular story about a subject in this case Africa. And neglect the other dimensions of this one story Africa. Africa's single story talks about only the things wrong with Africa. Its deficiencies, its problems, it challenges, it shortcomings, but never talks about its goods and potentials.

Single Story strips Africa of its dignity in the international community. But sadly, this single story has become the official story of the governments of Africa. They believe that the solution to their numerous problems is foreign aid. A successful African government is measured by the amount of foreign aid it attracts. This has consequently tagged Africa into a place of despair in need of charity.
Foreign aids builds a hospital in a rural community, provide pipe borne water in another, good road in another. Yes, these are all positive contributions and may have yielded positive results in these communities but this is negligible when compared to the harm it's causing this continent of ours.
Dr. Ernest Sirolli said the best way to help someone is to shut up. And let the person come to you. Whatever idea the person brings to you is really what he wants to do. An idea driven by passion not some vague idea imposed on them. Africa is made of some 850 million people with different passions and idea on how to succeed. Their ideas should be nurtured to grow. And not sacrificed on the altar of foreign aid that only serves the needs of the few corrupt political elites, who will rather spend the aid on some useless project that makes no meaningful impact on the life of the common man. Projects whose sole selection criterion is how much will it put into the pockets of these corrupt politicians.
A wise man once said that raising champions is the winning way. The best aid to give Africa is to help Africa develop it human resources. Small and medium scale enterprises drive the major economies of the world. And small and medium enterprise is the key to Africa's development not some dead aid.