Nigeria: the pinnacle of failed promises

From vision 2020 to uninterrupted power supply by 2010 migration, I've heard a lot of promises from the political class in this my young life as a Nigerian. Promises so laudable and amazing with a very sure written and spoken steps with which to achieve them

I marvel at the intelligence of our politicians and their well spawn campaign manifestoes and promises. Maybe it isn't their intelligence but that of those geeks they hire in their campaign teams. They really make political campaigns something to look forward to.

Whether or not these campaign promises is their intentions, you are bound by honor to fulfill this promises as long as it was the reason why the electorate voted for you.
If there's a statistical data to show the rate at which countries fail to keep their promises, I'm sure Nigeria will be at the pinnacle of such data.

I'm sure they have started drafting the promises the hope to employ in the 2015 general elections. I Just can't wait........