Our Leaders are going twittercraze

Former FCT minister; El-Rufai called president Jonathan  a scumbag via Twitter.
Legal practitioner and politician Femi Fani-Kayode referred to the presidential adviser on media Ruben Abati as “the product of a same sex marriage”.

It's worrisome that with the situation of things in this country, the insecurity and unemployment, the various challenges we face as a nation, the best thing our so called elites can do is call each other names on social networks.

I thought this act was reserved for celebrities and the wannabes that roam the streets. Not the very people the youths of this country are supposed to look up to. When did twitter become the official microphone to address issues of national importance on. Or are they hoping to increase their fan base by trending on twitter?

I just wonder what this country is turning into. This same people will be the first to criticize NYSC members as illiterates. They probably learnt the act of illiteracy from them.