Philip Emeagwali: The self acclaimed father of the internet

In south eastern Nigeria, whenever the ingenuity of the igbos and Nigerians is being discussed, Philip Emeagwali is always cited as a shining example.

Emeagwali, the self acclaimed father of the internet was a name our teachers in high school used to motivate us back then. That with hard work, there's nothing you can't achieve.
I believed them back then, and we worked hard to be like Philip Emeagwali. He was our role model. Our knight in the shining amour. A Nigerian hero and the person that will lead the way for the next generation of African scientists and inventors. Don't blame us, we were young and ambitious but misinformed.

I wanted to know more about this outstanding man when I got to the university. Armed with the most powerful tool of our time; the internet. I made a shocking and disappointing discovery of who Philip Emeagwali really was.

He was actually a cheap fraudster, someone no African child should see as a role model. He is smart which was illustrated in his winning the Gordon Bell price in 1989. But he got lazy and started channeling his smartness into deception and self elevation.

Sahara reporters did a good job in describing the man and how he lied his way to fame in this article.
How Philip Emeagwali lied his way to fame

I decided to write about this because I engaged in an argument with a friend who still worships Philip Emeagwali as the father of the internet.

I know there are many people out there who like my friend still worships Philip Emeagwali. They deserve to know the truth about him