Pope Francis speech: a lesson in humility

“Before I bless you, I want you to pray for me”. With this declaration, the newly elected pope Francis asked for the prayers of the catholic faithful all over the world. A humbly gesture indeed and a most solemn commencement of a new papacy.

After two days of conclave, the College of Cardinals elected the good cardinal Jorge brogoglio, the cardinal archbishop of Buenos Aires as the new Vicar of Christ here on earth. The new pope did show a perfect example of a Christ like humility. He came out on the central balcony wearing a simple white cassock. He didn’t wear the exclusive and majestically breathtaking red cape his two predecessors wore on their inauguration.

The new pontiff from Argentina chose a very special name too
.  He will be the first pontiff to answer the name Francis after the popular saint Francis of Assisi, an iconic saint of the church. Born to wealthy parents, saint Francis of Assisi forfeited his inheritance and lived a pious life helping the poor. He was told by God to rebuild his church.

The new pontiff, Pope Francis is obviously on the same mission; to rebuild the church of God. Who of lately have been thrown into some stormy situations arising from the changes evident in our world today; homosexuality, female clergy, child sex abuse.

We pray the good lord will strengthen the pope and guide him to lead our mother church in the direction he so pleases. 

Long live the pope