the female taxi driver

Walking under the scorching sun was unbearable. i was tired and hungry and all i thought about was getting home, have a cold shower and rest my head on my bed. My journey from choba to rumuola have been fruitless combined with the fact that i had to spend the little money i don't have as transport fare added to my frustration. i was really having a bad day.

On getting to the park where i will take a taxi back to choba, i heard the usual "choba here 2 chances". but there was something difference about this voice. it wasnt like the other dry and masculine voices i used to hear. this voice was soft and feminine and i wondered what is going on. my conclusion was that its probably some guy who inherited his mothers soprano voice. but i was wrong.

Standing in front of me was an woman. the proud driver of the cab i was about to board. i was thrown aback. i have heard of the lady cabbies in the city of portharcourt. but this was the my first time of actually having a first hand contact and interaction with one. the role of women in parks were always limited to selling food and accessories to passengers and drivers alike. but not anymore.

women are beginning to dare into forbidden territories. and just i was still imagining how difficult and odd this strange job will be for this brave woman when she showed me a real display of how well she can do the job; handling a haggling tout with a perfect combination of some amazing boldness and diplomacy. and her driving wasn't bad at all. she knew all the shortcuts and all the cab drivers' tricks.

I was nothing short of amazed at this lady cab driver. though the passengers' acceptance of her was below average. she got criticized for anything and everything especially the female passengers. comment like "that's how women drive", "madam what are you doing?", "madam do this and do that". these the female driver handled equally in a very professional way; blocking her ear with her earphones.

No doubt, what a man can do, a woman can do even better. i just hope Nigeria gets a female president soon.