2013 Champions League Semi Finals: We've seen Something Similar

The 2013 Champions league semi finals is just around the corner with contenders similar to that of 2012 with the German  giants Borrussia Dotmund replacing Champions Chelsea in this years showdown.

Champions league is no doubt the most prestigious and lucrative club competition in the world. A competition that all the Europe elites aspire to win or at least participate in. Over the years, many clubs have created a niche for themselves in this exciting competition. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Ac Milan, Manchester United, Chelsea, Olympic lyon, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Ajax amsterdam are some of the teams you are almost 100% sure of seeing in the competition every year.

In 2012, Chelsea emerged the unlikely winners of this competition for the first time. Progressing amidst similar semi finalists like the ones we'll be seeing again in 2013. The semi finalists were, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and the eventual winners Chelsea. Amongst these teams, Chelsea was the least favourite team to lift the trophy. but they went on to do the impossible.

This year, we are presented with a similar scenario yet again. Barclona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Borrussia Dotmund are the contenders after qualifying from the quarter finals. And just like last years Borrussia Dotmund are the least favourite to win the trophy. But Can they do the impossible and lift the trophy like chelsea did last year?

Maybe lightening will strike the same place as it did last year. Who knows!!!!