A Broken Body isnt a broken spirit

I listened to one of the most inspiring talks i've ever heard again this evening. i needed to remind myself that one misfortune isnt the eand of the world and there's no better way of reminding myself of that than listening to Jenine Shephard's presentation on ted talks. she titled it "A broken body isnt a broken person". i coined the title of my post from her titled.

Jenine was a professional cross-country skier who might have won an olympics medal if not for the a terrible accident that ended her career, her life as she knew it.

I came back from Port Harcourt with a not so bad news that i treated like it was a tsunami kinda tragedy that took a part of me away when it was actually just some logistic problem with school that postponed my NYSC from June to November. The thought that my life is being delayed by another 5 was disturbing and was certainly a bad news. But not as bad as Jenine's.

Jenine was dead in all sense of the word, but she bravely left the world as she used to be in and embraced her new personality and built herself a new career as a flying instructor and a motivational speaker.

I scolded myself after watching the video. I realized that I've been given 5 months free time to make a difference and here i was crying it away.

life's full of challenges, but these challenges plays a pivotal role in shaping our lives and destinies.

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