My First Love Letter

After spending two nights writing the letter with the help of lyrics from Celine dion and  R. Kelly's music, I walked joyously to school cos I was very sure the letter was going to wow her when I deliver it to her at break time.

The appointed time; Break time came. And there she was standing with other girls about to start skipping rope. I dipped my hand into my pocket to retrieve the letter. Oooops!!! It wasn't there.

I started looking for the letter, in my school bag, in my locker, in my books, but I could not find it. Shit! Where's it? I wondered. I so distraught, sad and confused.

A few minutes to closing time, our teacher came to address the class."some of you have learnt the evil act of immorality" she began. "so you boys now have the guts to write love letters in primary 5", she continued.

WHOA!!! My heart raced faster than  Usain Bolt on a race track. "How did she see it?" I pondered. "Did it fall off?" "Should I excuse  myself?" or "Do I jump out of the window?". Many questions were on my mind! I'M IN SOUP!!! i was sweating furiously.

"ASIELWE CHINEDU!" she shouted (Chinedu was my friend). More thoughts ran through my mind. Did Chinedu show her my letter? When did he search my bag? I WAS TROUBLED!

"Tell the class what you did!" Chinedu could not talk! Then she brought out an envelop. The envelope was different from mine. I heaved a sigh of relief. The teacher went ahead and read the contents of chinedu's letter!

Hmm! Aaah! Ehn?! We all screamed includin myself, pretendin like I don't do such things. The teacher then walked out with Chinedu to the headmistress' office. I felt so relieved and went home thanking God!

After taking my bath, lunch was served, i was so hungry. i had just started eating when my mum came in and said "You forgot something at home this morning".

What could that have been? forgot? "Something like what?" i replied. She then brought out the same letter that took me days to write!

OMG!! I "belle full" instantly! What? "it's for my friend" l lied. Although  i knew she didn't believe me. I could tell from the way she was smiling. I left the food, went to my room and forced myself to sleep....