Do You Wish to Achieve Your Goals? Avoid these Bad traits

A lot of people remain unsuccessful or rise and fall in their quest to achieve their goals, simply because they do not know that they have many bad traits. Bad traits refer to habits and personal characteristics that eventually lead to failure. And some of these habits are things you have been doing all your life. Things that are “normal” for you.

Do you wish to achieve more than 70% of your goals? Then you need to watch out for these traits


Laziness is the king of all the bad traits that mitigate success. The disturbing thing about laziness is that lazy people are always lazy about getting rid of the problem. Hard work and perseverance are the keys to success and they are laziness’ biggest enemies. The greatest people the world has ever seen are always hardworking. They work longer hours, sleep less, eat less, wake up earlier and suffer more than anybody else. People like Nikola Tesla who was said to have lived his life in his laboratory away from the comfort and pleasures of the world. It takes sacrifice to reach your goals. The most important thing to know is that everything you have ever wanted is just outside your comfort zone.


Fear is both a good thing and a bad thing. Using fear to harness the power within us is a good thing. But fear becomes an enemy to our progress if we give up our goals without even trying simply because we are afraid of failing. So many people have missed so many opportunities that would have made them great simply because of fear. The fear of failure and the fear of unknown. If all the world’s inventors and discoverers were afraid of taking risks and trying new things, we will probably still be in the Stone Age. You should understand that once you reach a certain goal, it can mean that the bar has just been raised for you to accomplish more.


None of the greatest corporations in the world were founded by one person. Most of them were a product of teamwork right from the beginning or at certain stage in their development. There are individuals who do not want to get help from others because they do not want to share their expected success. Hence, thwarting the chance of succeeding at all. Success as a group is better than failure alone. Success as a group is in most cases, greater than individual success. There is even so much money in the world for everyone to stay rich. Even if you may be better off doing some things yourself, still you cannot do everything.


Pessimism is a trait of losers. Losers always find a reason to lose, even in the face of an amazing opportunity. In most cases, pessimism is tied up to fear. Seeing things in a negative light will result to bad results too, most of the time. If you start your day negatively, everything else will already seem bad, so you will focus more on the little things that do not matter and let them bother you, instead of keeping your mind on your goals.

Dealing with these bad traits

The first step in dealing with these bad habits is to look at yourself as a confident, capable and strong individual. Taking  responsibility for everything that happens in your life. There must be problems and challenges, you must understand that you always have the ability to stay successful in life as you choose. Minor setbacks are supposed to be a means for you to become better and stronger. Success follows a positive aura