Into the Darkness

The sky is dark
The weather so cold
I sit here smiling
The place is empty
It's me, myself and I
I am lost in my thoughts
I wait here frozen in time
My dreams are torn apart
My heart is in bits and pieces
I smile to mask my emotions
The mask I wear is so perfect,
as I have mastered it by practicing everyday
One needs to come real close
To see the tears I try to hide
The days are long, the nights longer still
It's not ending, I try to find a light
But I'm stuck in the dark
Alone with my thoughts once again
I see something
Oh, the city lights are on
Illuminating everything on the outside
And casting dark shadows on the inside
My smile fades away
None here to see my mask
My fears come alive and slowly engulfs me
It tears up the mask I so successfully put on during the day
I am back in my den
Isolated and alone
I long for people but it's just empty air
Struggling to keep my sanity
I give in to the darkness
For there, I can hide
Maybe then I will cope
But Alas!! Even sleep eludes me