The Joy of Teaching: A Corper’s Story

According to surveys done in 2002, about 3.8 million people are engaged in teaching in different levels. These numbers are on the increase in Nigeria. Thanks to the new law that graduates on NYSC must be posted to either the educational sector, the Agricultural sector or governmental offices.

I was discussing with a friend who was forced into the noble teaching profession for at least one year by the NYSC scheme. He was initially pissed about the being posted to a dilapidated secondary school in a remote village in Oyo state that he threw this question at me. “Why will someone be interested in teaching or handling noisy kids?

"No written words, No spoken plea, can teach our youths what they should be. Not all the books on all the shelves, cos that what the teachers are themselves"

For those people who are interested in influencing and helping children, then teaching is the perfect job for them. The Major benefit for them in being a teacher is the fulfillment of doing something you love and the wide life experiences of becoming a child’s inspiration, motivator, mentor, and educator. The great memories they derive from working with kids and the chance of shaping or contributing to the development of your country’s future leaders.
Just like john wooden said in his TED presentation when he talked about a teacher that was asked why he teaches and he answered “where can I find such splendid company”
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This I think is the primary and major benefit you will reap out of teaching apart from being a source of income. Aside from that, being a teacher would also give you sufficient time for vacation. You would have no classes during holidays and weekends. Classes end at 2pm everyday in the conventional Nigeria School system. This leaves enough room to take up another job. My friend instructs computer appreciation and application in a small computer school after classes.

But during school days, you would also have to face long hours. There would be times when you would have to stay up late, grading student works and projects, computing their final grades or even helping some students in personal problems and issues.

Aside from that, teachers are also exposed to different kinds of students. Being exposed to different kinds of students can also contribute to a teacher’s education. Teachers would have different experiences each day, something to look forward to which is of course different from monotonous office work.

Teaching is never just about the money or the vacation leaves. It is more than that. It is about taking or putting the future into your hands. And this is the lesson NYSC taught my friend who is interested in going into teaching as a career