The Picture in a Frame - "I now pronounce you Man and wife"

Does anybody here have anything that will prevent this couple from being joined in the sacrament of holy matrimony? She looked back at the congregation with confidence. She was sure nobody has anything to say about her that can stop this wedding. But what of her husband to be? And after the wait came the pronouncement; "I now pronounce you Man and wife". then it dawned on her.

Today was not like every other day and she felt it the moment the woke up in the morning. It was her wedding day remembered and then came the depression. She have always had a picture of what her wedding day should look like. And for the past month, she've been trying to recreate that picture to the best of her ability.

In her white flowing wedding dress she walked off the alter with the man, she will spend the rest of her with; her husband. The 100 pair of eyes looking at her overwhelmed her. she was shy and she held her man for support. Support they have just vowed to give themselves for the rest of their lives. So this was it, she thought.

And there in the crowd were all the people that mattered to her; her family, friends and well-wishers. Even men whose advances she turned down. She felt loved. She scanned through the crowd as they walked. But just when she got to the exit of church, she sighed "he wasn't there. A frown surface on her face which she quickly covered with a smile. Group pictures was next and she does not want to spoil any of the p[pictures with that frown on her face.

Though he had called her two days before to explain that he might be absent, he promised to try his best to be at the wedding. It was this promise, she held on to. He has never broken his promises in the for years they have been best of friends. But he did today. He has his reason though and she understood.

She was not gonna let his absence spoil this most solemn moment; her eternal picture in a frame. There is never going to be another day as important as her wedding day. Her first wedding day.