Classic Italy almost defied Spain

The time is 10.30 pm. There's power outage. Everywhere is as quiet as the graveyard except for the sound of generators humming from almost all the apartments in the area and occasional shouts of Goooaaaaaa!!!. NTA skipped it's all important propaganda-filled 9pm news just to air it; the second semi final of the confederations cup between world champions; Spain and their predecessors; Italy.
The build up to this match brought up a lot of comparison between the two teams, their players and tactics. Gianluigi Buffon and Iker Casillas, Andrea Pirlo and Xavi Hernandez, Italy's defence and counter (which is gradually evolving into a more pleasant entertaining tactics) vs Spain's tic tac tactics. The big question was "who'll come out on top?"
Spain was the bookmarkers favorite and they did come out on top. But it wasn't easy. They were held for 120mins by the azzurri who perfected a "pick-your-moment-carefully" tactics against the la Roja.
Spain won the penalty shootout that followed thanks to a miss from bonucci. Nevertheless, Italy deserve a very big congratulations for putting up such a performance. A performance that prompted Spain to even play long ball tactics at a time in the match.
Prandelli and his charges did a good job. This match should have been a final.