Do you buy products made in Nigeria?

What type of roofing sheets do you sell? MIDGAL I answered. Nigeria made? he asked. Yes I answered. Most of the roofing sheets used in the country are made in the country I explained. He replied that he knew that but he heard that there are now imported ones and that's what he wants.
Surprised, I tried explaining that the made in Nigeria roofing sheets are of superior quality than the imported ones. He looked at me smiling and said nothing made in Nigeria can ever be better than imported ones.
This is a familiar statement to us all. What I don't understand is why we detest made in Nigeria goods and regard them as inferior to imported ones.
If we won't buy made in Nigeria products, how do we expect Nigerian businesses to grow? How do we except our economy to grow.
My tailor in aba, Abia state (who by the way sews very nice quality shirts) once told me that if they ever put a made in Nigeria label on their shirts, it'll never sell. So the have to put international labels on the shirts for it to sell.
I'm sure all these popular brands; armani, D&G, Burberry were first recognized and patronized in their home countries. Thereby encouraging them to break boundaries and go international.
There are many nice quality products coming from small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria that we throw away and opt to buy some garbage of even lesser quality because it was imported from Italy, France, China and even Cameroon.
Where's our national pride. If we don't patronize made in Nigeria goods and services, who will?