Good or Bad, Brazil is home of Soccer

The month of June is definitely a Brazilian month. The only meaningful spectacle in the football world apart from the endless transfer speculations is happening in the south American nation.
The confedration cup in Brazil have offered some spectacular football. But just like every crop grows alongside weeds, the confederations cup wasn't the only thing growing on the fertile Brazilian soil. The protest against the Brazilian government wish started just before the start of the confederations cup with thousands of people has grown into over a million protesters all across the country.
The confederations cup is gradually coming to a successful close, but it remains to be seen if the issues that brought over a million Men and women, boys and girls out of their homes and into the street will be resolved.
The Brazilian identity is Soccer. And soccer should also be not just a source of entertainment for them but also a source of hope for better things. And nobody can take that away from them.