Hunting Rats in a burning House

The political atmosphere in Nigeria has always been full of intrigues and drama. And it's at its peak in this administration. Bad governance, misplaced priorities, folly and clueless are the few keywords that can be used to describe the administration of president Goodluck Jonathan.
There are a enough issues in the country (insecurity, lack of infrastructural investment) to keep every member of president Goodluck's administration busy on his/her desk. But somehow, Mr. President and his team always find to leave important matters of Government and play petty politics.
The latest and the most embarrassing of them all is the fall out with gov. Amaechi of rivers state. The situation is synonymous to hunting rat in a burning house. The glaring consequence of such folly is death by burning for both the hunter and the poor rat.
Gov. Amaechi is a citizen of this country First before being a governor of rivers state. And just like all the citizens of this country,he has a right to express his opinion. After all, we're in a democracy. It's obvious that there are millions of Nigeria who aren't on Mr. President's side. And If Mr. President haven't had time to create beefs with them but finds time to engage in a cold war with gov. Amaechi, then there's something they are not telling us.
Whatever there games are isn't a business of mine. They are politicians and will always be politicians. My sole concern is the state of the nation.
Mr. President should go back to his luxurious (what's Nigeria's version of oval office called again?) office and do justice to the workload trying to break his table and leave gov. Amaechi to focus on rivers state.
Now isn't a time for Mr. President to make enemies out of a brother. A divided home front spells doom for his 2015 ambition. If at all he has one (I pray his 2015 ambition is mere speculation, Nigeria honestly won't survive another shabby transformation agenda or whatever they'll choose to call it)