N750000 (£3000) Entry fees to UK?

When I heard the news that Nigerian will soon start depositing £3000 to the UK customs before entering the UK, I couldn't keep myself from laughing. UK!!! Seriously? Who goes there these days?

UK have been Nigeria's allies for years and adding to Nigeria being a former colony of the English made London a friendly and safe destination for Nigerians. Not for trade and investment though (UK can't offer much in that area when compared to China, Us and other destinations in addition to UK's scary tax system) but for vacation and education.

Most Nigerians prefer UK for advanced studies because their system of education is similar to ours and gaining admission to UK higher institutions and universities is easier than the US.

£3000 is a huge amount of money to deposit idly with the UK customs. How much interest will I get for depositing the money? 0? Then maybe it's time Nigerians find an alternative vacation and education destination.

£3000 is more than the tuition fee of some institutions and universities even in the UK. And depositing such amount of of money to someone is crazy. That kinda money should be invested into something more worthwhile than the UK custom.

If you don't know what to invest it, contact me *winks