NIPOST and the dying art of letter writing.

I can't remember the last time I used a post office to post a letter. My last encounter with the post office was in 2010 when I posted applications for industrial training placements to firms that weren't accepting applications via email.
I visited the post office recently to pick up a parcel for a friend. Only then did it occur to me that post offices scattered all over Nigeria are almost not in use. A little chat with a worker at the post office revealed that the post office handles less than 5% of the amount of mails and correspondence it can handle on a normal day.
The post office was as empty as a graveyard. All the mails I could see were Account statements and shareholders letters from various banks and institutions. That forms the bulk of the mails NIPOST handles these days.
What happened to letter writing? (that's a retorical question, I know ) you and I know exactly what happened to letter writing. Technology and social network has effectively killed the ancient art of letter writing.
We're more comfortable summarizing our thoughts and feeling in 140 characters than writing a full blown letters. Emails are becoming more scanty by the day as we try to maximize efficiency.
Maybe in no distant future, human communication May be limited to a few shorthand writing and sign language (lol) or maybe a new technology that transmits your thoughts to whoever you want might be developed. Who knows.
Communication is one of the reasons humans were classified as higher animals. If we loose it I wonder what we will become?