Pity the poor music stars

They drive flashy and expensive sports cars. They live in mansions and in 5 star hotels. They are always pictured in the most expensive night clubs and bars drinking the best champagnes. They wear expensive designer clothes. They date models and super Sexy actresses yet they remain poor. Welcome the glamorous but pathetic lives of Africa music superstars.
Africa have been making traditional music for quite a long time. And over the last decades, foreign genres have become the mainstream component of Africa music. And with it came more financial prosperity for those talented young men and women who mixes influences from 2pac, jayz, Beyonce, osadebe to their grandfathers in making Beautiful music all accross Africa.
Just like every profession, music has its peak. That period of time when a particular music star becomes so popular and makes a lot of hit tracks. The period when they are featured in loads of shows, sell millions of record labels and are the toast of the moment. They rake in loads of money at the time.
In Nigeria, we had bright chimezie, shino Peters, osadebe etc as the stars of the 1990s. Then came the golden stars of 2000s; the African Chinas, Daddy showkey, eedris, 2face, sunny neji, danfo drivers, sky b, psquare etc. These stars were the toast of the moment at a time and some if them are still making waves till date.
This write up tends to examine why some of these artistes fizzle out into relative poverty once more after raking in millions of dollars during their peak periods.
The answer is quite simple. Extravagance and lack of investment. Music like every other show business thrives on show off. Feeding your fans something new to talk about; wearing expensive clothes and all the glamour described in the first paragraph of this write up.
But what happens when the hay days are gone? That's a question most music star fail to ask themselves. You can't be in Vogue all your life. You gotta exit the stage at one time to make way for another star to become the wave of the moment. That's how life's scripts plays out. A fact that's neglected by music stars that choose to live extra glamorous life without making any meaningful plans for the future. And when their hay days are over they fall back into poverty faster than they came out of it in the first place.
The millions of naira superstars make today can make a meaningful impact in the economy of this country if invested rightly and provide meaningful employment for the teeming number of unemployed youths amongst which are their fans.
If they don't know how and what to invest in, there are financial and investment advisers who can advice and help them make very good investments.
An Igbo adage says "ejighi akpata atufuo aba Ogaranya".