Stay Afloat or Sink

There are two options in virtually all endeavors in all human spheres of life. Live or die, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, smart or dull, succeed or fail, float or sink and so on. The options are either positive or negative.

The difference between these options is always attitude with the exception of very few like beautiful and ugly, fair or dark in complexion, nationality. These are things we have absolute no control over (you don't get to choose if you are to be born beautiful, fair in complexion or to be born in Nigeria or US as the case may be).

God in his infinite wisdom chose these few 'independent variables' of our existence for us. But he left us with a large chunk of decisions to make as regards how we wanna live our lives.

Our attitudes determine if we live a good or a bad life, if we'll succeed or fail, if we stay afloat or sink in this ocean of life. And our attitudes is completely within our control.

You wanna stay afloat or sink? That's entirely up to you.