Wounds that never heal

We all have been wounded at one time or the other in our lives; physically, emotionally, spiritually. These wounds can be self inflicted or may have been caused by people closest to us; friends, family or sometimes by total strangers.
Some of these wounds heal easily, others don't. Healing turns wounds into scars. But while most wounds heal, there are other wounds that are always reopened by accidental triggers.
Scars are reminder of the mistakes and situations that led to the wounds we suffered and a lesson to be more careful next time.
The wounds that never heal are mostly self inflicted wounds and wounds inflicted by the ones we Love and trust. These wounds are difficult to heal cos we are never able to forgive ourselves or forget our loved ones. Remembering then reopens the wounds.
Forgive they say is something we do not for the people that hurt us but for ourselves to be able to move on. And forgiveness is the only way of healing these wounds.
If a wound is a open for a long time it festers leading to an even deeper process. Healing on the other hand blesses with scars.
Scars which we can carry with shame or Carry as a testimony of our empowerment to overcome adversities and achieve great things.
How you carry your wounds is entirely up to you.