10 Small Scale Business you can start with little or no Capital

The rate of unemployment doesn't seem to be going down anytime soon. So here's a list of small businesses you can keep yourself busy with.

1. Branding of Gifts Items: souvenirs and gift items for weddings, funerals, birthdays, political campaigns and other celebrations is always in a very high demand. And you can make a few bucks from branding such items at a very cheap price and selling to the celebrants at a slightly higher price.

2. vegetables: vegetables is one class of food that is always in high demand all year round especially pumpkin (ugu). You can start a mini vegetable garden in your backyard and be sure to get some cash back at least every 6 months.

3. Daycare: most working class ladies need people to take care of not-up-to school age kids during work hours. This is more suitable for the ladies as the parents will feel more comfortable leaving their kids with a woman.

4. Fish Farming: fish farming have been talked about over and over again by financial coaches. Am sure there's still space for a few more fish farmers.

5. Acting as a farm gate to Farmers: this involves researching what food or fruits people need and getting it directly for the farmers at a cheap price and supplying to the customers. All you need is your negotiating and marketing skills.

6. Packing of Food items: most office men and women don't usually find time to go to the market. Hence, they'll pay handsomely for a mini packaged food items like rice, beans, pepper etc brought to their place of work.

7. Snacks: do you know how much profit that simple akara seller close to your house makes? It's usually 100%+. Making snacks (meatpie, donut, chinchin) pays if it's delicious and with the right marketing. Man must wack!!!

8. Tutorial Classes: this is not limited to preparatory classes for JAMB and WAEC. It also involves private tutoring of primary and secondary school kids. Parents do pay well for such services.

9. Making liquid soap: restaurants,bars and homes needs liquid soap for cleaning and washing dishes. And they certainly will prefer a cheaper alternative to the popular brands (morning fresh and co).

10. Car Wash: some of us are experts in washing our father's cars even better than some car washes. Extending this service to friends and neighbors for a price is definitely not a bad idea.

NOTE: this article isn't a business plan. So for every idea you think you can engage in, you need to develop a business plan and a modus operandi.