Wap.2go.im: Download new 2go for Android

2go is a popular social messaging app with a whole lot of users all over the world. 2go have application for java, Symbian, blackberry and Android.

Until the recent release of 2go for Android, Android users had to make do with an emulation of 2go for java which in my opinion wasn't very cool.

The new 2go for Android is a beautiful all round Android app. With beautiful interface, seamless integration into the Android OS. And it runs in the background and have notifications that comes in the Android notification tab.

All 2go users that have not been able to use 2go on their Android devices can now download this wonderful app from google play store.


Well I can't download 2go on my BlackBerry z10 I tried everything

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Can't download 2go on my Alcatel one touch