3 Simple Steps on How to Open/Register a new 2go Account.

The popular Chat service 2go have changed the procedure for creating a new account on 2go. Initially, Signing up for 2go was done on their websites; wap.2go.im or wap.2go.co.za. But since after the release of the latest 2go application, signing up via this method isn't possible anymore.

Don't panic yet as Inspire Naija has discovered the new way of signing up to your favorite chat app, 2go. It has been summarised in 3 easy to follow steps;

1. Visit wap.2go.im with your phone/device default browser and you will be given a link from which to download the 2go application suitable for your phone/device.

2. Run/open the application downloaded from step 1. above and input the number you want to use in opening a new account and click on continue. You will be get a message that the number isn't registered on 2go yet. And on confirmation, you will be redirected to a signup page.

3. Fill out the information on the signup page and you are ready to go.

Follow the simple procedure and you will be able to signup to 2go. Cheers


Hello, i tried
buh it aint working out for me tho'....argh!

hello nahki,

follow the steps above judiciously. it works

thanks for dropping by

i followd d step bt d birthday year hs three digit on my phone

It doesn't work that way

I have followed the steps but its not taking me pass the mobile number. just says its invalid and doesn't redirect me to register my mobile number

the regstration birth only has 3digits that i can put in how do i get to put 4 digits in?

you are such a fool

I tried to register my birth year but it doesnt since thre is only option 4 t numbers

2go app is nonsense