Abraham's Hospitality and the Need to Help Others

The first reading was taken from Genesis 18:1-10. A passage about how Abraham invited three wary strangers into his home and cared for them. What he never knew was that the men he invited into his home were angels. And this singular act of hospitality brought him a lot blessings leading to his wife, Sarah's conception.
Nigerians and Africans used to be a very hospitable people. But not anymore! Times have changed. There are lots of innocent looking guests waiting to gain access into your home and wreck your home. Hence, the cold and cautious way we treat strangers these days.
My father used to tell me that as a kid, he could play till late at night knowing he'll be welcomed into the nearest house to spend the night after being offered a good meal. But that was a long time ago. Loitering around at night these days is a clear invitation to armed robbers, kidnappers and child traffickers to make some good business out of you. But does that mean we should not show hospitality to our guests and strangers?
No man can live as an island. No man can live in complete isolation. We all need each others help once in a while. Abraham showed us a very perfect example of hospitality and its benefit. Though in our world today, there's need for a little tweeking as the prevalent condition is quite different from the days of Abraham. But that need to help others and be hospitable abounds in our world and so are the earthy and heavenly benefits.